Free Viewer for askSam Database Files

[From askSam]

Perry, FL — askSam Systems has released the askSam Viewer, a free viewer for askSam databases. The askSam Viewer allows users to browse, search, navigate with hypertext links, and run reports in askSam databases.

The askSam Viewer lets users browse and search through manuals, catalogs, research notes, legal texts, government regulations, resumes, or any other information distributed in askSam databases.

Users cannot edit or add information with the askSam Viewer. To create or edit databases they require a copy of askSam 5.0 or 5.1, the popular free-form database software. With askSam 5.0 or 5.1, users can turn different types of information into full-text searchable databases. The askSam Viewer lets users freely distribute these databases to colleagues, co-workers, friends, and clients.

The askSam Viewer requires a 32-bit Windows operating system. The askSam Viewer can be downloaded from:

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