Ingres Tops MySQL on Novell Linux Appliances

Novell and Ingres have formed a new partnership. The Ingres database can now help ISVs quickly deploy and package Linux based software on SUSE Studio. Where before developers had to upload and integrate their own database, now Ingres has a SUSE Studio Appliance Template for the database that removes countless steps in order to include an Ingres database.

Matt Richards, director of emerging technology at Novell, said

“This is the next logical step in the appliance program to work with partners to build out an ecosystem around software appliances. From our perspective, this expands the applicability of our appliance program from a very generic to a very specific Ingres use-case. What you can do now is just go into SUSE Studio and instead of starting with a blank template you can start with Ingres already installed with all the package dependencies taken care of by us.”

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