Interview with Sr. Product Manager for Sybase spotlights query performance and analytical function for Sybase IQ

In an interview with Mary Jo Nott and the BeyeNetwork, Joydeep Das, Sr. Product Manager of Sybase discussed how Sybase IQ is a highly optimized analytics server—providing faster results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehouse, and reporting solutions on standard hardware and operating systems.

Said Das, “With a growing demand for analytical tools for making complex business decisions, firms are recognizing the value in investing in a new generation of database technologies that are purpose built for analytics. Sybase IQ Analytics Server is the world’s leading column based database server that provides a high performance, scalable and cost effective platform for analytics,” and “The latest Sybase IQ release — v15 — brings several innovative functionalities ranging from highly parallel query processing to life cycle management to support a new generation of analytical applications.”

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