Is IBM a better suitor for MySQL than Oracle

If Michael Widenius, MySQL’s creator, had his way, IBM, Fujitsu, or a major Linux distribution vendor would be a better choice to gobble up MySQL than Oracle. One might first think that IBM is no different than Oracle. They are a major database vendor as well. But to this Mr. Widenius replied:

”Personally I don’t consider IBM a direct competitor to MySQL and thus there would not be a need for a licensing remedy. With MySQL, IBM would have a vehicle to become a market leader in databases. IBM could only do this if they keep MySQL free to ensure it keeps it dominant position in units. IBM has more to gain by keeping MySQL Open Source and available to all than they could get by killing it. With Oracle this is not the case.”

Basically saying that because Oracle is the market leader in the database market Oracle would continue to become an even bigger market leader by killing off MySQL. By giving MySQL to another company we could rest easy at night knowing that balance would not bee over skewed.

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