Mimer SQL 9.2 now available for Linux

[From Upright Database Technology AB]

Upright Database Technology AB, Uppsala, Sweden, today announced the release of Mimer SQL Engine 9.2 for Linux. Mimer SQL Engine 9.2 is the latest version of the company’s database management system (DBMS). With the introduction of the extended multilingual support in Mimer SQL 9.2, providers of localized or multilingual software will have a unique opportunity to handle many different languages simultaneously in one single application. The already high performance of Mimer SQL has also been further enhanced.

Mimer SQL 9.2 is the first DBMS in the world with support for the new Unicode 4.0 standard from the Unicode consortium. This standard defines all alphabetical and non-alphabetical (ideographic) character sets of the world and supersedes the older and more limited standards used in many other DBMSes. Unicode 4.0 introduces 1,226 new character assignments including currency symbols, additional Latin and Cyrillic characters and support for historic scripts like Linear B. Unicode is implemented as a native data type in Mimer SQL 9.2, thus eliminating any conversion overhead. Mimer SQL 9.2 also introduces full support for Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA), in which the Unicode consortium specifies how Unicode strings should be compared.

Mimer SQL 9.2 Engine for Linux is available for free download at http://developer.mimer.com/downloads/index.htm

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