New Realtime Data Warehouse Takes Over Big Data Analytics from Hadoop

Big data analytics is changing. For one thing, Google no longer uses MapReduce stating, “MapReduce isn’t suited to calculations that need to occur in near real-time” and “You can’t do anything with it that takes a relatively short amount of time, so we got rid of it.” Why? Because the need for big data applications in to be real-time is increasing and that requires something other than MapReduce/Hadoop. Filling this need is Cloudscale’s Realtime Data Warehouse which takes care of all the big data problems like Risk Analysis, Recommendation Engines, Search Quality, and others that Hadoop could, but in real-time, as well as new areas including:

  • Realtime Location Analytics
  • Realtime Game Analytics
  • Realtime Algorithmic Trading
  • Realtime Government Intelligence
  • Realtime Sensor Systems and Grids

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