Now is the time to sign up / upgrade for the Windows Azure platform

Microsoft has announced that, for the Windows Azure platform, you can now upgrade your Community Technology Preview (CTP) accounts of the Windows® Azure™ platform to paid commercial subscriptions. And if customers upgrade during the month of January all usage for that month will be at no charge with billing all billing and SLAs begging in February.


  • Anyone not upgrading their accounts by February 1, 2010 will have accounts disable and any Windows Azure Storage will become read only.
  • Anyone not upgrading their accounts by February 1, 2010, those users with SQL Azure CTP accounts will be able to keep using their existing databases but will no longer be able to create new databases.
  • On March 1, 2010, the Windows Azure Storage CTP accounts and Windows Azure platform AppFabric namespaces that have not been upgraded will be deleted.

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