Oracle Coherence 3.6 Steps up to Scaling and Data Grid Challenges

Now available is Oracle Coherence 3.6, a distributed in-memory data grid product that is also a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Says Grid Dynamics, “The new features in Oracle Coherence 3.6 will help solve the scaling challenges that are quite typical in large, complex, mission-critical applications. We believe this new release of Coherence will help customers handle these issues even more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.” Among other things, Oracle Coherence 3.6 provides:

  • Support for distributed transactions with its Transaction Framework
  • Control of capacity and resource management in grid and cloud environments with the new Coherence Quorum
  • Data reliability and encryption with Secure Sockets Layer connectivity
  • Improved efficiency and productivity in development and operation with its SQL-like query language, CohQL.

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