Oracle Communications Data Model Earns TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) Certification

Performing 8X times faster on Oracle Exadata database machine, Oracle’s Communications Data Model enables service providers the ability to analyze different types of data such as network, performance, provisioning, service activation, revenue, and customer management. This new version has received the TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) Certification that is the measuring stick for enterprise information within the communication industry; making Oralce’s Communications Data Model the only model to complete this certification.

To add, the Oracle Communications Data model, when tested on Oracle’s Exadata database machine performed eight times faster than on SMP servers. “The new release of Oracle Communications Data Model helps communications service providers jumpstart their efforts to manage and analyze vital information to make important business decisions regarding customer management, marketing, network deployments and product development – leading to optimal organizational efficiency and business results,” said Dan Ford, vice president of product marketing, Oracle Communications.

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