Oracle Database 11g R2 Encryption Speeds Up and Lowers Cost

The Transparent Data Encryption feature of Oracle Advanced Security for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is now even speedier while running on Intel Xeon 5600 series processor-based servers with Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI), as shown by recent benchmarks comparing it running on Intel Xeon X5560 processor without AES-NI. With the combination of Oracle Database 11g and Transparent Data Encryption:

  • The cost of encrypting all sensitive information is lowered
  • Data is automatically encrypted as it is written or read from disk
  • Data security is quickly and easily deployed through Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Grid Control interface
  • Key management is built-in and includes the option to store master keys elsewhere
  • And help in database security compliance with privacy and regulatory mandates, and breach notification laws

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