Oracle Database Customers Migrate Automatically to Java and IBM’s DB2 With a Single Click Using in2j

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BERKSHIRE, UK (PRWEB) November 5, 2003 — Quintessence Systems (, the only vendor providing 100% automated software technology for migrating Oracle legacy applications into Java, today announced that its in2j migration tool has been extended to support the automated migration of Oracle business logic into Java code and DB2-compliant SQL ready for deployment with IBM’s DB2 database platform.

Quintessence’s tool in2j®, a veteran of more than 50 million lines of migration to Java, now offers a fast, lightweight and completely automated solution for customers who want to deploy their complex Oracle business logic together with a DB2 database. Migrating Oracle business logic into Java for the DB2 platform creates powerful, flexible and scalable applications for IBM’s increasingly popular database.

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