Personal BI Product CUBE-it Zero Personal v6.1

Acadey Software Products has release a personal BI Product CUBE-it Zero Personal v6.1; enabling OLAP cube building from MS Access and MS SQL Server and allowing MS Access users to grasp cube building without requiring SQL Server analysis Services Server.

Products Director Rob Davenport noted “Whilst not a replacement for a data warehouse, CUBE-it Zero, delivers fully functional OLAP cubes that do not require the foundation of a data warehouse.” and “Many organisations have spent large sums of money to try and achieve pervasive business intelligence. Personal BI puts the power back into the hands of Business Managers to enable them to unlock valuable business information from their departmental data, and Cube-it Zero is the product that enables this. Since CUBE-it Zero does not mandate an OLAP Server and reports via Microsoft Office Excel available on most user’s workstations, departmental BI is now available without having to invest further in expensive servers or prohibitively expensive client based BI reporting tools.”

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