Quest Central� for Oracle version 2.7 Released

Quest Software, Inc. a provider of application management solutions, today announced the release of Quest Central™ for Oracle version 2.7.

Quest Central integrates products such as Spotlight® on Oracle, SQLab Vision™, Space Manager™, LiveReorg™, KnowledgeXpert™ and TOAD® along with new functionality, including database administration and analysis to create “the tool that DBAs can use all day.” Quest Central for Oracle provides everything Oracle DBAs need to cope simultaneously with multiple tasks and to detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues using Database Administration, Performance Diagnostics, SQL Tuning and Live Space Management. Quest Central guides the DBA through the process of memory configuration, variable block sizes, and other advanced features of Oracle with advice, visualization, and automation ensuring that configurations are done correctly, resulting in highly optimized Oracle environments.

Available Quest Central components include:

  • Real-time Performance Diagnostics – visually renders the process model for Oracle instances,
    so that you can rapidly detect hot spots within the database. You can then drill into these components to locate the source of the problem, both in real-time and historically.

  • Database Administration – makes it effortless to maintain database objects and manage security. Quest Central’s Database Administration allows you to create, drop or alter database objects. In addition, it ensures successful script execution with sophisticated error-checking capabilities, and enables the DBA to schedule the script to execute at appropriate times. Fully integrated with the other components, the Administration component allows the DBA to view and control permissions from both object and user levels.
  • Database Analysis – analyzes your database, including workflow, configuration, applications, etc. with a specialized ‘Health Check.” The Health Check carries out a complete examination of your environment, including key performance statistics and environmental information that has been automatically gathered and stored in a
    repository. The analysis results recommend how to improve the overall efficiency of your database.

  • SQL Tuning – lets you quickly optimize your SQL statements with a complete tuning environment including expert advice. SQLab® Vision, Quest
    Central’s SQL Tuning captures all SQL statements and performance metrics non-intrusively.
    It identifies most performance problems, automatically rewriting the SQL with the best alternative to maximize performance.

  • Live Space Management – reorganizes, relocates and restructures Oracle database objects
    without taking end-users offline. Quest Central’s Live Space Management module offers complete reorganization, relocation and restructuring with minimal downtime. It relieves
    fragmentation, excessive extents and other space-related conditions while application users remain online.

Quest Central for Oracle 2.7 is available now. The price of a single component is $2,400; all four components are priced at $11,600. Individual components include the administrative console.

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