Raima presents new dataFlow technology at RTECC

Raima, a company that offers state-of-the-art embedded database technologies recently (January 26th) presented their new dataflow technology at the RTECC show in Santa Clara, CA.

Scott Meder and John Pai of Raima gave a presentation that included a live demo on Raima’s RDMe dataFlow engine that can be used to move data from one device to aggregation points, business intelligence systems, and distribute the data to additional devices.

Said Duncan Bates, vp of product management,

“What is really exciting is RDMe dataFlow engine’s ability to not only move data between instances of RDM Embedded and RDM Server but also its unique ability to move data to other non Raima database systems technologies like Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL, Sybase”.

This allows Raima to provide companies with a wholistic solution for providing data from the smallest to device to large enterprise systems.

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