Raima’s Embedded Database Provides Support and New Capabilities to Wind River VxWorks

Raima Inc.’s RDM Embedded 10 is now available with support for versions 6.2-6.8 of Wind River VxWorks. “Wind River VxWorks is a platform utilized by key industry leaders in the Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Automation and Telecom markets. It is with great pride that we are able to bring RDM Embedded 10 full support of multi-core processors to the real-time system developers,” commented Raima Vice President of Engineering & Services, Bill Houglum. RDM Embedded 10 has such capabilities as:

  • Multi Version Concurrency Control which allows both database readers and writers to share the database without competing for database locks
  • Master-Slave Mirroring which provides data redundancy by automatically mirroring the application database locally or across a network
  • Hot Online Backup for full and incremental backups of in-memory, hybrid, or disk resident databases that don’t interrupt connected applications
  • Asynchronous Master-Slave Replication for replicating data between different database instances, schemas, or systems
  • Asynchronous Data Replication with 3rd Party supporting real-time aggregation of embedded systems data to RDM Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Conflict Less Master-Master Mirroring which provides local access to remote data
  • Distributed Data Queries for viewing of multiple databases as a single system
  • 2-phase Commit which allows a RDM Embedded transaction to successfully take part of a global or distributed application transaction

The core database engine, RDMe Core is also included in RDM Embedded 10, and solution specific extension packages, such as RDM Embedded High Availability and RDM Embedded dataFlow, are available for it.

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