RDF Database with Online Transaction Processing and Semantic Technology

Franz, Inc. has just announced AllegroGraph 4.0, a native RDF database capable of Enterprise Online Transaction Processing. Said Bill Guinn, CTO of Amdocs Product Enabler Group, “Semantic technologies such as Franz’s AllegroGraph database, can enable real-time, 24/7 customer insight that is both predictive and personalized for each customer. When used to power a decision engine in the transactional flow of business, cost reductions in customer care, leaps forward in customer satisfaction, and significant improvements in product uptake can result.” AllegroGraph does this by:

  • Allowing companies to simultaneously add, query and dynamically reason over large scale semantic datasets with ACID compliance and transaction management
  • Scaling the database to billions of triples with disk-based storage
  • Using dynamic and automatic indexing, advanced free text indexing and deletion of duplicate triples, ACID compliant transactions, full recovery, 100% read concurrency, and automatic backups
  • Providing datasets based on events which have particular types, number of actors, start time, end time, and location
  • And also providing event analysis, enhanced with a geospatial engine, that reasons about types of events; links events to companies and people through social networking algorithms; and links to events and places through a user-friendly layer of temporal reasoning rules.

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