Real-time Data Replication with Query Scale-out Just Part of the New PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta

Newly available is the first beta release of PostgreSQL 9.0. With over 200 changes made, DBAs will be able to broaden their use of PostgreSQL with new features such as:

  • Built-in real-time binary database replication with query scale-out
  • 64-bit support on Windows
  • Improved LISTEN/NOTIFY allows fast internal database event messaging
  • Anonymous procedure blocks with the DO statement
  • Conditional and per-column triggers
  • Support for Python 3 in PL/Python and numerous PL/Perl improvements
  • Uniqueness constraints for non-scalar data
  • And automatic join removal

Interested PostgreSQL users are invited to download and test PostgreSQL 9.0 beta with their applications, and help find the issues with it so that a timely and unproblematic release may be made.

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