Remote Database Administration Services Vendor dbaDIRECT Develops ONguard Automation Platform

Leader in intelligent remote database administration services, dbaDIRECT has developed ONguard Automation Platform, an application enabling efficient and effective continuous database administration through monitoring, auditing and improving the work and processes of database administrators. Built into the Automation Platform, ONguard Quality Assurance protects against human and system errors by periodically checking modified database parameters for values outside the ideal range.

dbaDIRECT’s CEO John Bostick commented, “dbaDIRECT has always taken pride in intelligent automation in order to provide our customers with a level of quality and coverage that was previously unaffordable and, thus, unattainable. ONguard Quality Assurance extends this philosophy beyond alerts and workflows to aid in the resolution of database issues. We are committed to continuous research and development efforts to increase administration excellence through greater intelligence and automation.”

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