Replicate Databases, Reduce Transaction Latency, and More with Sybase Replication Server

The new version of Sybase, Inc.’s database replication product, Sybase Replication Server, is currently available. Sybase Replication Server 15.5 benefits users by:

  • Providing real-time analytics from ASE to Sybase IQ with continuous change data capture technology
  • Reducing transaction latency through HVAR technology which provides high-volume transaction replication
  • Improving performance in heterogeneous database environments operating Sybase ASE, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server database servers, with parallel Data Server Interface
  • And enabling ASE in-memory database replication

Says Sybase, “In today’s volatile and competitive business climate, enterprises must create agile businesses by tapping into real-time analytics and decision support to quickly predict outcomes and identify risks. Replication Server 15.5 gives organizations a data movement platform that will scale with them as they move to the next level of real-time operations and business analytics.”

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