Securing Data on Your Old, Dead Servers

[From eSecurityPlanet]

Anti-virus is running on every computer in the building. Sophisticated intrusion detection and threat analysis systems keep you apprised of any attempts to gain access to your network. Firewalls provide a robust perimeter, and digital rights are managed so well that no employee has managed to sneak a file or email to a friend at a newsblog.

You’re all set. Right?

Don’t be so sure.

Sitting in the company’s basement or perhaps at the far end of the server room is a ticking time bomb — old dust-laden servers that you’re planning on getting rid of ”someday”. Being off the network, these machines are no longer wrapped in your security defenses. Anyone can access what’s inside — read your valuable records, or walk out the front door with a harddrive containing an only slightly dated version of your customer database.

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