Seven predictions for the open source market in 2010

Roger Burkhardt president and CEO of Ingres, as well as columnist at Dr. Dobb’s, makes his predictions for the open source market in 2010. After reading these seven predictions it would seem that the economic issues we’ve started to emerge from have helped solidify the value of open source. So much so that not only will companies that experimented with open source keeping their open source solutions but open source is much more accepted within ISV solutions, will continue to help innovate new solutions, and will even drive mergers and acquisitions.

#1: Adoption of open source will increase even as the economy improves.

#2: We will see an IPO from a non-Linux open source company in 2010.

#3: SaaS and cloud-based computing solutions will grow and pull open source and open standards with it.

#4: Merger and Acquisition (M&A) of open source will continue and IBM will finally make a big splash.

#5: Proprietary vendors will take the second step in changing their business models.

#6: Open source stacks begin to generate meaningful revenue for open source vendors.

#7: SI partners will continue to adopt open source solutions.

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