SkySQL Ab Launches Operations with Releases of SkySQL Enterprise

SkySQL provides software, services, and support for any version of MySQL as well as branches like MariaDB. A SkySQL Enterprise subscription will include a MySQL Server, MariaDB server, the SkySQL Enterprise Monitor, SkySQL Visual Editor, and SkySQL Technical Support. As part of the SkySQL launch, any customer who purchases a 2011 subscription will also receive free support through the end of 2010.

“SkySQL is becoming the new center of the MySQL ecosystem because our foundation of key experts is based on over a hundred years of experience in serving MySQL users commercially,” said Kaj Arnö, Executive Vice President of Products, SkySQL Ab. “These experts have joined our company to build a business dedicated to serving the users of MySQL and related technologies with commercial value add, while respecting open source values. Founding the company with these gifted minds puts SkySQL in a unique position to inherit and preserve the principles that made the MySQL database so appealing in the first place.”

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