SQL Anywhere You Want to With Sybase Mobile Solution

Now available from Sybase is its SQL Anywhere 12 database and synchronization solution. “SQL Anywhere 12 is a culmination of research and development that serves existing customers while addressing emerging requirements for embedded database server and mobile applications. This SQL Anywhere release breaks new ground with innovations for growing data volume, diverse data types and new device platforms to further enhance Sybase’s leading mobility platform.”

Some of the new features and enhancements that make SQL Anywhere special are:

  • Spatial support to enable tracking, location aware querying, data management and synchronization of spatial data
  • Scale-out support to allow high transaction volume database servers to offload read-only and reporting transactions to a self-managing tree of scale-out servers
  • Mobility tools to effectively manage, monitor, diagnose and deploy large scale sync environments on iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile
  • Self-management innovations such as server thread auto-tuning, self-healing statistics management and synchronization dynamic cache sizing

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