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With SQL Developer, Solyp Informatik GmbH of Nuremberg/Germany is offering a powerful tool for developers to interact with nearly all standardized databank systems. Whether your enterprise uses DB2 or Access under Windows, Oracle or Sybase under Solaris or MySQL under Linux, an often cumbersome and error-prone frontend change is now no longer necessary for database change or administration. Databank drivers are loaded in the background as required. All databank interaction is through a graphic interface incorporating a diagram editor as well as syntax highlighting and a comfortable copy & paste function.

In addition, SQL Developer offers multiple databank connections and with the “SQL Script Editor” allows the processing of even very long SQL instructions. The “Explain Plan” extension enables fine tuning of queries with Oracle databanks and the “Session Extension” facilitates besides data monitoring also the deletion of sessions and queries.

With the application being entirely Java-programmed, SQL Developer runs on all platforms that support Java version 1.3 or later. Standard connection is via JDBC; for databanks that are only accessible via ODBC there is a JDBC-ODBC bridge. Worldwide distribution of SQL Developer is through NewMediaSales.com of Dusseldorf/Germany (http://www.newmediasales.com). As of now, a two day test version of the databank tool will be available for download from their homepage. Additionally, a test version for 14 days can be requested by e-mail. Further information is available at .

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