SQL Server Profiling as a Service Offered by DiscountASP.NET

Applications and database developers can use SQL Profiler to help them troubleshot SQL locking issues as well as perform database tuning activities such as CPU and IO usages associated with those statements captured. A standard trace can be requested by the DiscountASP.NET customer to be run at a certain time and the file will be available for download or the file can be analyzed using SQL Profiler of Database Tuning Adviser on their local computer.

Takeshi Eto, the vice president of marketing and business development at DiscountASP.NET, said

“While many SQL development issues can be diagnosed on the customer’s development environment, there are issues that only crop up in a production environment and perhaps only at a specific time of the day. These issues can be very difficult to troubleshoot. With our new SQL Profiling as a Service, customers can schedule a database trace at a specific time of their choosing, offering a new way to help our customers troubleshoot.”

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