SQLDBManager Plus Launced to Help DBAs Diagnose SQL Server Performance

ManageEngine launches a comprehensive SQL Server monitoring solution to help ensure optimum functionality and resolve performance problems. SQLDBManager Plus is agentless monitoring, provides a holistic view of databases, and helps DBAs understand usage patterns for capacity planning. The tool also allows DBAs to troubleshoot, resolve bottlenecks, and in general keep on top of SQL Server performance; resolving contention and helping to provide improved quality of service.

“With SQLDBManager Plus, DBAs can now stop worrying about day-to-day SQL server performance and instead focus on critical tasks, such as database design,” said Gibu Mathew, product manager, Application Performance Management solutions at ManageEngine. “For instance, the performance views that are provided can help pinpoint possible SQL queries demanding high I/O or CPU resources, eliminating the need for the DBA to spend an inordinate amount of time diagnosing the problem. We’re certain that ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus will go a long way toward boosting DBA productivity.”

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