Sybase Surveillance from Bradmark Helps Maximizes Sybase’s Turnkey Business Intelligence

Continuing with its leading Sybase monitoring and event management solutions for Sybase, Bradmark Technologies, Inc. has just released Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ 15 analytics server. Through essential tools, Surveillance IQ for Sybase quickly identifies and resolves database issues, rules-based event management, data repository and reporting, monitors the server and OS to ensure data integrity, while also scaling to an unlimited number of servers. Other features of Surveillance IQ include:

  • Support for the Coordinator and multiple Writer nodes in IQ 15 Multiplex
  • Basic right-click Multiplex management actions
  • Real-time monitoring of Multiplex interconnect, DBSpaces, blocked connection trees, performed backups, login policies, and Sybase ETL 4.8
  • Added Current Executing Statements Window
  • Enhanced System Settings Window

Says Sybase, “The teaming of Sybase with Bradmark creates an unprecedented offering for customers that need a high performance, highly reliable analytics engine for faster reporting, predictive systems, as well as consolidated data marts and warehouses.”

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