Teradata At the Top and Not Letting Go

Teradata profits have risen from previous years and are predicted to continue and stock prices are almost at all-time high. Teradata is doing well, yet Gartner says that Teradata faces three major challenges in their quest to keep top spot.

  • Other mature database management systems, like IBM DB2, Microsoft’s SQL Server and Oracle’s flagship database, are going to put up a fight making for some fierce competition; especially for DWs under 10TB
  • The growing fight for large data warehouses from IBM, Netezza, and Oracle. Though Teradata has cut prices and put more features into product so has the other competition.
  • The renewal in single-vendor appeal. The competition that offers a complete stack of tools, extraction, and reporting and OLAP product might benefit greatly while Teradata has to deal with the false claims that Teradata’s technology doesn’t play well with others.

Teradata has two plans for action that catch the eye:

  • Keep pace with cutting-edge technology
  • Go on the offensive against other competitors

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