Upgraded Idera SQL Server Toolset Includes Tool for Copying Linked Servers from One Instance to Another

Idera’s SQL admin toolset has been upgraded to 1.5, and now includes a new tool among its already rich set that enables analyses of indexes and patches, multi-queries, password checks, job editing, server configuration checks and more. The new Linked Server Copy tool allows DBAs to copy linked servers from one SQL Server instance to another along with the associated settings and permissions; and view all the linked servers that exist on the source server and not on the destination SQL Server instance; as well as copy all or specific linked servers from the source SQL Server instance to a destination SQL Server instance.

Said one user, “The number of SQL Server admin tasks that Idera’s SQL admin toolset handles is unbelievable. The tools accelerate critical everyday tasks saving us many hours each week. We’ve previewed the new Linked Server Copy tool and are excited to use it in production.”

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