Versant Object Database (VOD) Version 8 Offers Major Upgrade

Versant has released an upgrade to version 8 for the Versant Object Database (VOD). A big upgrade from its predecessor, version 8 focuses on Multi-Core Scalability, Performance, Language Standards and Production System Support—performing 10 times faster compared to other relational databases by Pole Position and bringing enhanced support for high performance computing multi-CPU/multi-core server architectures with significant optimizations in internal memory management and caching implementations.

CEO of Versant, Jochen Witte, said,

“VOD is another important technological milestone for Versant, the performance and scalability of our enterprise database server with VOD 8 allows our solution to outperform the relational database competition by an order of magnitude in complex database applications.”

VOD 8 is now available for all primary operating system platforms, including Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Linux 5.3, Sun Solaris 5.10 (Ix86 and Sparc) and HP-UX 11.x (Itanium).

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