Will MySQL rule the open-source database market or will it atrophy?

Regardless of the hype and paranoia over MySQL’s future, regardless of the viability of MySQL compared with other open-source databases, one thing is certain Oracle now manages MySQL’s future. And, as far as I’m concern, Roger Burkhardt, CEO of Ingres, takes a more healthy position—believing that Oracle will shape MySQL to fit its business needs regardless of any community wishes. Said Burkhardt,

“Oracle is going to reshape the MySQL business and channel it in ways that protect its proprietary software business and support its move into hardware,”, just look, “Evidence of this is already there: MySQL has removed the migration assets from their Website that would support a move from Oracle to MySQL.”

It is also Burkhardt’s understanding that MySQL has stopped reselling and promoting products based on MySQL that are in direct competition with current Oracle offerings. Clearly, MySQL will continue but it is yet to be seen in what capacity. Even though MySQL is a much less capable product, Oracle seems to want to maintain MySQL but not at the extent of their proprietary databases.

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