Data Migration Oracle to SQL Server 2008

Migrating from Oracle Database to SQL Server provides a feature
rich environment at lower cost.   Migrating from one technology platform to
another is not always an easy task.  Microsoft provides a free SQL Server
Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle that makes the process easier.

The first step in any migration is to determine how to
migrate from the Oracle tablespace environment to SQL Server file groups. 
Another consideration is how to map Oracle schemas to SQL Server databases. 
SSMA tool allows you to make these mapping.

Learn how to step through an Oracle to SQL Server
migration by reading this white paper.   This 167-page white paper will help you
understand the issues associated with a migration, and help you plan your
migration.  If you are contemplating making the move to SQL Server from Oracle,
then you owe it to yourself to read this paper to make sure you understand all
the migration issues.

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