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Posted Mar 31, 2003

From "Try & Buy" to Production Database - Page 2

By Marin Komadina

Version 8.1 Enhancements

DB2 v.8.1 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) coming with a full set of new and updated options, such as Connection Concentrator, Catalog Caching, Online Reorganization, Online Index Maintenance, Snapshot table functions, Online Database Checking Tool, Logging Enhancements, Multi- FixPak Install for UNIX, Rollforward to Localtime, Disk storage management and concurrency (lock contention), Web- based Administration Tool ... and many others.

One of the great enhancements is Multi-FixPak Install for customers that have a requirement for support multiple Fixpaks to coexist on the same machine running the same version of database code.

This feature makes it possible to have a production and test database on the same machine, on different FixPack levels. Regular FixPak is installed on top of the existing code. When the customer needs Alternate FixPak it can be installed and will behave as a fully installable database with same level of code as the regular FixPak.

Version 8.1 Database Packaging Models

In version 8.1, Datababase Packaging Models have new definitions and all have same level of portability, availability, and the same database engine with differences in included options and licensing model.

DB2 Workgroup Server Edition (WSE)is a multi-user, single host, web enabled database with included Java support, but without support for inter or intra partition parallelism. WSE should be used for small systems with a countable number of users. WSE has a registration limit of a maximum of 4 processors.

DB2 Workgroup Server Unlimited Edition (WSUE) has the same functionality, and the same registration limit of a maximum 4 processors, but a different pricing model.

DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) is the highest level of DB2 database version with intrapartition parallelism support (the database engine can process SQL statement segments in parallel), and interpartition parallelism support (process a query in parallel across all of the nodes). ESE has Partitioning and Clustering options as additional add-on features.

Installed database options can be checked with pkginfo command:

	$  pkginfo | grep db2
	application db2engn81      Engine (PTF 1720600-014)
	application db2jdbc81      Java Support (PTF 1720600-037)
	application db2pext81      Parallel Extension (PTF 1720600-055)
	application db2rte81       Run-time Environment (PTF 1720600-015)
	application db2spb81       Stored Procedure Builder

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