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Posted May 8, 2003

IBM Utilities vs. Third Party Tools for DB2 - Page 2

By Marin Komadina

Overview of Third Party DB2 Performance Management Tools

Many different tools for DB2 administrators, developers and support personnel exist on the market. All of the tools have graphical intuitive interfaces, with lots of charts, graphs or colored bars that give a DBA an overview of what is really happening inside or around the database. Some of companies that are more prominent along with their competitive products are:

  • Embarcadero Technologies Inc., DBArtisan v7.1
  • Quest Software, Quest Central for DB2 v2.1.0.262
  • BMC,DBXray v2.0.01, PATROL v6.4.0, SmartDBA Cockpit v1.6.01, Space Expert v1.1.00,
  • Unicenter Fast Load and Unicenter Fast Recovery for DB2
  • LECCO, SQL Expert Pro v2.6.1 for DB2 UDB
  • Precise Software, Precise/Indepth for IBM DB2 v2.0
  • DGI, Flight Deck v1.4
  • ...and many others

General characteristics of the third party tools:

  • Operating system statistics - collecting and displaying an operating systems statistics for multiple nodes and instances
  • Schema management - creating and altering database objects, extracting DLL for objects and their dependents, generating schema reports, copying objects between instances
  • Security management - schema, users and grants administration
  • Performance monitoring - key database components monitoring with real-time diagnostic and visualization
  • Space management - space utilization monitoring
  • Data management - data editing, between instances exchanging, query and script execution
  • Multiplatform support - one consistent interface for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 Universal Database and in special cases for Interbase, MS Access (95/97/2000), Paradox, dBase, Informix, SQL-Anywhere, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Web administration interface - web interface for database navigation and administration
  • Statistics Collecting - server based agents, running in the background for collecting statistics information and writing collected data inside special database repository

Some tools are highly specialized in some areas while others are more generalized, universal tools. For example, for faster data loading we can use Unicenter Fast Load for DB2, which can load large amounts of data into DB2 tables very quickly, while the standard IBM load utility is slow and limited. For speed recovery, the DBA can use Unicenter Fast Recovery for DB2, when is necessary to quickly recover the DB2 database data.

However, my favorites are DBArtisan, which is a great tool for regular and advance database administration, Quest Central, Performance Diagnostic Module with intuitive graphical database interface and SQLExpert Pro with special tailored SQL rewrite engine.

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