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Posted Feb 27, 2004

DB2 Database and Tivoli Storage Manager - Page 2

By Marin Komadina

TSM Server Configuration

For demonstration purposes, I have created one multimode DB2 database named ARTIST, belonging to the TSM API configuration on the ARTIST_DB2 server machine, running on a SUN Solaris operating system. The TSM administrators are responsible for the TSM server organization and configuration , however, they need clear, technical input from the DB2 administrators. The allied forces of the DB2 and TSM administrators have resulted in the following exhibit TSM standards and configuration used in this article:

Click for larger image

Figure 3. The TSM System configuration files and settings, used during article test case.

a.)     The node ARTIST_DB2 has been assigned to the policy domain DB2, which has been created on the TSM server for handling the DB2 backup and archive data.

b.)   The following is a configuration review, taken directly from the TSM server configuration database listing the new node ARTIST_DB2 on Sun Solaris, and belong to the policy domain DB2:

tsm> q node
Node Name                     Platform     Policy Domain      Days Since     Days Since     Locked?
                                           Name                     Last       Password
                                                                  Access            Set
-------------------------     --------     --------------     ----------     ----------     -------
AIX                           AIX          TEST1                      <1          1 093       No
ARTIST_DB2                    Sun          DB2                        <1            630       No
ARTIST1                       WinNT        STUFF                      81          1 091       No
ARTIST5                       AIX          STUFF                      <1            821       No
MARIN_DB2                     Linux86      DB2                       975          1 037       No
MARIN_NT                      WinNT        STUFF                     603            645       No
DB2                           AIX          DB2                        <1          1,742       No   

c.)   Displaying newly defined management classes MGMT_BACKUP and MGMT_LOGS on the TSM server associated with the new DB2 policy domain:

tsm> q mgmt
Node Name: TESTTSM001
Domain Name               : DB2
Activated Policy Set Name : PSDB
Activation date/time      : 01.01.2004 16:42:33
Default Mgmt Class Name   : MC3650
Grace Period Backup Retn. : 9999 day(s)
Grace Period Archive Retn.: 9999 day(s)
MgmtClass Name                  : MGMT_BACKUP
Description                     : MC for DB2 backups
MgmtClass Name                  : MGMT_LOGS
Description                     : MC for DB2 logs
MgmtClass Name                  : MC365
Description                     : MC for 365 days
MgmtClass Name                  : MC3650
Description                     : MC for 3650 days

The newly created management class, MGMT_BACKUP, is the backup management class, with the associated copy group. The backup copy group has the following fixed retention settings:

VEREXISTS=1 - every database backup has unique name, duplicated backups will be deleted, backup is kept according definition for the management class

VERDELETED=0 deleted backup are automatically expired from TSM server

RETONLY=0 - inactive, expired backups are deleted automatically

The new archive management class, MGMT_LOGS, has similar technical characteristics to the backup management class, MGMT_BACKUP, with one important exception.

Archive logs are kept on the TSM server for a strictly defined period only. Upon expiration, the TSM will automatically delete archived objects. Manual clearing of archive log files from the TSM server using the DB2 commands is prohibited. Supplementary, duplicate archive log files are accepted, something that is not permitted for the backup management class. The archive copy group has the following defined retention settings:


d.)   As a last bit of information, the storage pools listing from TSM server:

tsm> q stgpool
Storage      Device       Estimated    Pct    Pct  High  Low  Next       
Pool Name    Class Name    Capacity   Util   Migr   Mig  Mig  Storage    
                               (MB)                 Pct  Pct  Pool       
-----------  ----------  ----------  -----  -----  ----  ---  -----------
BACKUPPOOL   DISK           2,048.0    0.0    0.0    80   20  TAPEPOOL   
ARCHPOOL     DISK           2,048.0    0.0    0.0    80   20  TAPEPOOL2
TAPEPOOL     MAGSTARMP    109,490.8   37.2  100.0    90   70             
TAPEPOOL1    MAGSTARMP     75,295.0   25.2  100.0    90   70

The archived log files are saved in the ARCHPOOL TSM storage pool, and the database backup files are saved in the BACKUPPOOL storage pool.

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