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MS Access

Posted Oct 6, 2003

MS Access for the Business Environment: Reporting in MS Access: Grouped Transactional Report Part II - Page 6

By William Pearson

Working with the OrderDate Header and Footer Sections


In our report, we will use the group header sections to present the order date and customer information that is contained within the Detail section. The Detail section of this report is "home" to the customer order information; the OrderDate header and footer sections will serve as "containers" from which we can present the OrderDate groups to which each set of details belongs.

1.  Re-enter the Design View for the Customer Orders Report, if necessary.

2.  Select OrderDate from the Field List.

3.  Drag the OrderDate compound control to the OrderDate header section, dropping it into the upper left corner of the section.

4.  Reposition the compound control to be flush to the top of the OrderDate header section, and at approximately the 1/4-inch point on the horizontal ruler.

5.  Click the text control (the right control in the pair) for OrderDate, to select it.

6.  Drag the text control to align to the right of the OrderDate label, at approximately the 7/8-inch point on the horizontal ruler, flush to the top of the OrderDate header section.

7.  Ensuring that the OrderDate text control is still selected, right-mouse click.

8.  Select Properties from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 20.

Illustration 20: Context Menu

The Properties sheet for the OrderDate text control appears.

9.  Select the Format tab of the Properties sheet, if necessary.

10.  Select Left in the Text Align setting of the Format tab.

The Properties sheet - Format tab for the OrderDate text control appears as depicted in Illustration 21.

Illustration 21: Properties sheet - Format tab for the OrderDate Text Control

11.  Close the Properties sheet.

12.  Select the OrderDate compound control by clicking the label control, holding down the SHIFT key, and then clicking the text control.

The compound control appears as selected.

13.  Click the Bold button (Illustration 22) in the main toolbar.

Illustration 22: The Bold Button

14.  Move the pointer to the bottom of the OrderDate header section, placing it between the OrderDate header section and the Detail section.

15.  Hold down the left button on the mouse, as soon as the "double-arrow" image appears.

16.  Drag the Detail section border up, until a tight fit is achieved for the controls we have included.

17.  Release the button to fix the border in place.

The relevant portion of the Design View should appear similar to Illustration 23.

Illustration 23: The OrderDate Header

The relatively simple setup for the header is complete. Next, we can consider the OrderDate footer section. The fact that it should be essentially the same as the header setup will allow us a welcome shortcut, as we shall see in the steps that follow.

18.  With the OrderDate compound control selected, press the CTRL-C key combination.

This copies the compound control into the notepad area.

19.  Click inside the OrderDate footer section.

20.  Press the CTRL-V.

This pastes the compound control, together with the adjustments and formatting that we have already performed in the OrderDate header, into the footer. We are thus spared at least the tasks of resizing, formatting and re-setting the alignment property for the OrderDate compound control. We have only to arrange it as we need it in the footer section, as well as to handle any differences in its use.

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