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How Many Databases Can You Name? 05/11/2020

There is a huge number of databases available. How many could you name? Create our list and then compare to our list of well over 100 databases!

How to Find the Estimation Cost for a Query 05/04/2020

Discover how to estimate the cost of a query. Read on to see an example of how to extract the Estimated Cost for execution plans stored in the procedure cache.  

Understanding Views in SQL 04/27/2020

Learn about the concept of views in SQL, and how they work. Read on to see clear examples of how to implement views.

Introduction to Azure SQL Database Instance Pools 04/20/2020

Learn about Azure SQL Database Instance Pools and how they they set to provide more flexibility and agility than other Platform-as-a Service SQL Server-based offerings in Azure.

Creating or Altering an Objects with a Single Statement 04/06/2020

Do you get tired of having your CREATE PROCEDURE statement failing if the stored procedure already exists? Read on to learn a better solution for avoiding this. 

Considerations for Deploying Azure SQL Database Managed Instances 03/30/2020

Microsoft provides a number of different deployment options for its Azure SQL Database offerings. While most of them share the same characteristics, one in particular warrants special attention from the standpoint of its infrastructure dependencies. That exception is Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, which will be the topic of this article.

Working with SQL Cursors 03/23/2020

In SQL cursors serve as a pointer that enables application programming language to deal with query results one row at a time. Read on to explores the concept behind and learn how to declare cursors, open, retrieve data from them, and then close them.

Verifying Object Exists and Dropping Object with One Statement 03/02/2020

Discover how to do both in one SQL Server statement: Verify that a SQL Server object exists and drop the object.

Introduction to Azure SQL Database Auto-Failover Groups 02/17/2020

Auto-Failover Groups addresses several limitations that were in the Azure SQL Database. Read on to learn more!

The New SQL Server Approximate Count Distinct Function 02/03/2020

With the introduction of SQL Server 2019, Microsoft introduced a new method to count distinct values that can be faster and uses less resources. Read on to learn more!

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