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The Demise of the DBA 06/17/2019

Today most of the tasks done by traditional DBAs are performed by artificial intelligence systems or the database itself. With so few important tasks left to perform, are DBAs really needed anymore?

Filtering Object Explorer Detailed Information in SSMS 06/10/2019

Need to know how to use the “Filter” item in the SSMS Object Explorer Details window to show a specific list of tables that contain a specific string of characters? If so, then read on!

Displaying the Object Explorer Details Pane in SQL Server Management Studio 06/06/2019

You are probably familiar with the Object Explorer pane in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and how to bring it up. But, are you familiar with the Object Explorer Details pane and how to display it? If not, then read on...

Ten SQL Commands You Should Be Using 06/03/2019

Most developers, regardless of their skill level would know the commands for the basic CRUD (Create, Read , Update, Delete) operations in SQL These include the Create, Update, Insert, and Delete commands. From this article you will be presented with ten other SQL commands that you really should be using, that you might not be as familiar with. Read on...

How to Eliminate Gaps in Identity Values in SQL Server by Disabling the Identity Cache 05/20/2019

Learn how to remove gaps in Identity values in SQL Server caused by Identity Cache.

How to Reseed Your Identity Column Value in SQL Server 05/14/2019

Have you deleted a bunch of rows from a table that has an identity column value and now thins aren't working quite right? If so, read on...

Introduction to the Cosmos DB Emulator 05/08/2019

Cosmos DB delivers a wide range of advantages over traditional SQL and NoSQL-based data stores, including support for multiple consistency levels, latency and throughput guarantees, policy-based geo-fencing, automatic scaling, and multi-master replication model. However, it is a significant departure from the traditional database management and development approach that most database administrators are familiar with. Discover the offerings that you can use at no cost to gain hands-on experience with Cosmos DB.

Importing Data into Azure SQL Database 04/23/2019

Data imports represent some of the more commonly performed database management tasks. Learn about a number of traditional SQL Server data import techniques that you can leverage when importing data into Azure SQL Database.

Microsoft SQL Server: Current Identity Column Value in a Table 04/11/2019

Learn how to find the current identity column value in your Microsoft SQL Server tables.

Compressed Microsoft SQL Server Backups by Default 04/08/2019

Learn how to create default database compression for your SQL Server databases.

Configuring Azure SQL Databases Using Azure Resource Manager Templates 03/27/2019

Template-based provisioning simplifies deployment and promotes principles of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code, making it the recommended method for implementing cloud-based services. However, its benefits extend beyond initial implementation, since you can apply it to configuring and maintaining existing Azure SQL Database instances. In this article, you explore an example of this approach.

Creating CRUD Stored Procedures in SQL 03/13/2019

Back to the basics: learn how to Create, Read, Update and Delete operations are pivotal for any database application. Plus, you’ll see how to use Stored Procedures to manipulate data on the database side instead of on the application side.

Shrinking SQL Server Backup Files and Speeding Up Backups 03/08/2019

With backup compression you can speed up our backups, while making your backups smaller.

When Will My SQL Server Online Resumable Index Rebuild or Create Operation Complete? 03/05/2019

Using Azure Resource Manager Templates To Provision Azure SQL Databases 02/21/2019

Azure provides a number of different methods that can be used in order to implement and configure its resources. Each of the methods differs to some extent in regard to functionality and intended use cases.

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