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A Toolbox Every DBA Should Have 11/14/2019

As a DBA it is important to have a toolbox that supports the work you do.  You need to have a toolbox that allows you to work smarter instead of harder. Read on to learn about some key tools every DBA should have in their toolbox!

Implementing SQL Server Integration Services with Azure Data Factory 11/04/2019

Read on to step through the process of implementing Azure Data Factories.

Accelerating Database Recovery with SQL Server 2019 10/14/2019

Learn how to turn on and use newer SQL Server database recovery option called “Accelerated Database Recover”. Read on.... 

Introduction to the Partition By Window Function 10/02/2019

Window functions can be life savers by making a complicated SQL calculation easy. A window function combines that logic and provides row by row or window by window feedback. Read on to learn more!

Database Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio 2019 09/23/2019

In this article, you will explore tools and extensions that can be used with Visual Studio 2019 to improve your database experience irrespective of what database you use.

Implementing SQL Server Integration Services with Azure Data Factory 09/16/2019

Azure SQL Database, unlike its on-premises counterparts, restricted its integration capabilities to those implemented directly by the database engine. To remediate this shortcoming, Microsoft provided equivalent functionality by relying on integration runtime of Azure Data Factory. In this article, you get an overview of this Azure-based SSIS offering.

Using PowerShell to Generate Logins, Server and Database Permissions 09/09/2019

Discover how to reduce the pains you might have feel when migrating all the logins and associated permissions from one instance of SQL Server to another.

Backup Techniques Available Exclusively When Using Azure VMs 08/26/2019

Learn backup techniques available exclusively when using Azure VMs to host SQL Server-based workloads.

Deployment of SQL Server 2019 Always On Availability Groups on Azure AKS 08/12/2019

Step through a demonstration illustrating a sample deployment of SQL Server 2019 Always On Availability Group cluster on Azure AKS. You'll discover how to leverage the Microsoft Azure-hosted managed Kubernetes service referred to as AKS.

What is in My Database Backup File 08/05/2019

The Microsoft SQL Server team has made it easy for you to retrieve the information in a backup file by using a couple of commands. Read on to learn more!

Graphical Tools for Accessing Azure Cosmos DB 07/15/2019

While the most common methods of interacting with Azure Cosmos DB involve programmatic access, there are times when you might want to perform a quick change or take a peek at some of documents in a collection. In such instances, it is typically more convenient to rely on the graphical interface. Fortunately, there are several options you can use to accomplish.

Executing Dynamic SQL Using sp_executesql 07/08/2019

Learn how to create and execute dynamic SQL in your SQL Server projects!

Polling and Survey Data Transparency 07/01/2019

Polls and surveys are increasing in use. If you are a DBA, developer, or data scientist, then it is good to understand how to structure your systems for transparency and proper use.

Introduction to Running SQL Server 2019 on Kubernetes 06/23/2019

The release of SQL Server 2019 further extends the ability to host SQL Server instances on Linux, including running Docker-based SQL Server images on Kubernetes clusters. This latest release further extends the multi-platform capabilities by allowing for Kubernetes-based deployments of SQL Server Always On Availability Groups, delivering increased level of resiliency. Read on to learn more about the basic characteristics of these deployments!

The Demise of the DBA 06/17/2019

Today most of the tasks done by traditional DBAs are performed by artificial intelligence systems or the database itself. With so few important tasks left to perform, are DBAs really needed anymore?

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