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Posted Sep 10, 2002

Introduction to SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Working with Dimensions - Page 8

By William Pearson

We will revisit a number of the level setpoints throughout the series. They are powerful attributes to use in the "global" setting of many member behaviors as well as level characteristics.

Developmental review of, and ongoing planning for, the Dimension Properties is also highly critical to meeting the business needs of the reporting/analysis population. Let's review dimensional setpoints at this stage, as well.

12. Highlight the Product Dimension in the Dimension tree.
13. Click the Basic tab in the Properties pane.
14. Review the setpoints, together with the explanations for a dimension in Table 3 below.



Basic Tab Properties












Notes / Comments








The dimension name


Fixed Text Value -- cannot be changed once the dimension is saved!








The dimension description








Data Source


The name of the column that contains member keys








Table 3: Dimension Properties - Basic Tab

15. Click the Advanced tab in the Properties pane.

Review the setpoints, together with the explanations, for a dimension, in Table 4 below.



Advanced Tab Properties












Notes / Comments






All Level


Indicates whether the dimension contains the (All) level. The (All) level is the top level of a dimension. It contains a member that is the aggregation of all members in the level below








All Caption


The caption for the (All) level


This is the place to rid ourselves of the pervasive "All" that appears by default in top levels








Type of dimension








Default Member


Determines the default member of the dimension. The default member is used when a cell is being evaluated and no other member has been specified for the dimension


The member used if the dimension is not specified in a query / browsers such as the Pivot Table List browser

Standard default member is the All level member, but this can be edited.






Depends on Dimension


The name of the dimension upon which this dimension depends










Indicates that the dimension is optimized to handle data changes efficiently at the cost of some querying speed










Determines whether the dimension can be written to








Member Keys Unique


Indicates whether member keys are unique throughout the entire dimension








Member Names Unique


Indicates whether member names are unique throughout the entire dimension


(See Member Key Column in Table 1)






Allow Duplicate Names


Determines whether multiple children of a single member can have the same name








Source Table Filter


Filters the source table to restrict members








Storage Mode


Determines how the dimension is stored








Enable Real-Time Updates


The Analysis server responds to changes in the dimension table(s) and automatically updates the dimension data










Determines whether the dimension is a virtual dimension based on the tables and columns of another dimension


An "alias" concept with many possible valuable uses






All Member Formula


The MDX expression used to override the default rollup of the all member








Table 4: Dimension Properties - Advanced Tab

We will revisit a number of the dimension setpoints throughout the series. They, too, are powerful attributes to use in the "global" setting of many member behaviors, as well as dimension and level characteristics. The dimension and dimension level setpoints above also interact to enforce properties and attributes within the membership of cube objects in general, and so must be considered simultaneously in any design/development decisions.

Page 9: Summary- and Detail- Level Properties

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