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Posted Nov 11, 2002

Introduction to SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Working with the Cube Editor - Page 14

By William Pearson

Process the Cube from the Cube Editor

We will now process the cube, having modeled our work so far with sample data, as noted in the warnings that appeared at the bottom of the Preview pane, and as we discussed above.

1.      Right-click ANYSYS05 in the cube tree of the Cube Editor.

2.      Click Process Cube on the context menu, as shown in Illustration 60.

Illustration 60: Select Process Cube...

We receive a warning to save the cube, as shown below, unless we have saved it more recently than the last modification(s).

Illustration 61: Select Yes to Save the Cube

3.      Click Yes to perform the save.

We next receive a dialog regarding aggregation matters, asking if we wish to start the Storage Design Wizard, as shown below.


Illustration 62: "Just Say No" to Storage Design Wizardry

4.      Click No.

The Process a Cube: Select the Processing Method dialog appears, as depicted in Illustration 63.

Illustration 63: The Process a Cube: Select the Processing Method Dialog

5.      Click the Full Process radio button to select it, if necessary.

The Process status dialog appears, displaying status until completion, with a final display similar to that partially shown in Illustration 64.

Illustration 64: Partial View of the Process Status Dialog upon Successful Completion

6.      Click Close to close the Process status dialog

The Process status dialog disappears.

7.      Click the Data tab to refresh the Preview pane.

8.      Expand All Calendar.Time, then Calendar Year 1997 to obtain a view similar to that shown below.

Illustration 65: The Preview Pane after Processing ANSYS05

9.      Explore with drilldown and browse as desired, then close Analysis Services.

For more information on browsing the cube, see Article 1 of this series, Creating Our First Cube.

We have added the requested measures to our cube, using a derived measure and a calculated measure, so as to gain exposure to each. Our cube stands ready for browsing and reporting with the dimensions and measures in place as required.

Page 15: Next in Our Series...

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