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Posted Jul 21, 2003

Build a Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube: Part I - Page 8

By William Pearson

85.         Click OK to close the message box.

86.         Click Done to close the Executing DTS Package dialog.

87.         Close the DTS Package: ETL Server Access Log to Web Analysis window.

88.         Expand (by clicking the "+" sign to the left of) the Databases folder, under the Server in use, in the left pane of the Enterprise Manager console.

89.         Expand the WebTrafficAnalysis_DB database.

90.         Click the Tables icon.

The tables (largely system tables) appear in the right pane of Enterprise Manager. The new ServerAccessLog table appears, as well, as shown in Illustration 28.

Illustration 28: The WebTrafficAnalysis_DB Tables

91.         Right-click the ServerAccessLog table.

92.         Select Properties from the context menu.

The Properties dialog for the table appears (depicted in Illustration 29). We note that the Column Settings appear to meet our specifications.

Illustration 29: The Properties Dialog for the ServerAccessLog Table

93.         Click OK to close the Properties dialog.

Now let's take a look at the data we have loaded via the execution of our DTS package.

94.         Right-click the ServerAccessLog table.

95.         Select Open Table -> Return Top from the context menu and cascading menu.

The Number of Rows dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 30.

Illustration 30: The Number of Rows Dialog

96.         Leaving the number at 1000, click OK.

We see the first 1000 rows of the ServerAccessLog table returned, as partially depicted in Illustration 31.

Illustration 31: Partial Set of Rows Returned from the New ServerAccessLog Table

And so we see that our data appears to have been extracted, transformed, and loaded to the new table as we have directed within our design of the DTS package.

97.         Close the data browser, and exit the Enterprise Manager console as desired.

We have created a table that contains the data we need to construct our Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube. We will need to perform several more steps to manage this, and will begin design and creation of the cube in Part II of our lesson.

Next in Our Series ...

In this lesson, Build a Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube: Part I, we began a two-part lesson that focuses on the design and construction of a Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube. In this lesson, we briefly discussed potential business reasons for collecting web site traffic data. We provided an overview of the Server Access Log, and discussed its use as a source of web site activity tracking data. Finally, we designed and built an extract package using Data Transformation Services, to illustrate one approach for importing and transforming simple data from the Server Access Log into a table that we created in MSSQL Server. As an integrated part of the process, we created a destination table to serve as a data source for our new web traffic analysis cube.

In Part II of this two-article lesson, we will begin the design and creation of our Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube. Along the way, we will discuss some of the considerations and challenges encountered in designing a cube of this type, and we will demonstrate approaches for meeting the challenges. We will use Analysis Services to build a simple Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube, and then we will browse the new cube to learn about the visitors to our web site.

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