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Posted Nov 17, 2003

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Using Calculated Cells in Analysis Services, Part I - Page 4

By William Pearson

In this example, we do not provide a surrogate value for cells that meet the condition, but use the condition as a basis for the application of exception highlighting only. Therefore, the address of the current cell is appropriate. We use the CalculationPassValue() function to prevent the expression from referencing itself, once again (via the same logic we used in the calculation formula in the last step).

25.  Click Next.

We arrive at the Finish the Calculated Cells Wizard dialog box. We provide the name Warehouse Cost Subanalysis Scope, to define a list of warehouses whose level of costs exceeds the threshold of our scope for further examination. We see a summary of the parameters we have assigned through the wizard for the calculation subcube (defaults were assigned for dimensions that we did not specify). In addition, we see a confirmation that the calculation condition has been specified.

The Finish the Calculated Cells Wizard dialog box appears, as shown in Illustration 9.

Click for larger image

Illustration 9: The Completed Finish the Calculated Cells Wizard Dialog Box

26.  Click Finish.

At this point in the calculated cells creation process, we have a new calculated cell that has no display criteria. We should see the calculated cell Warehouse Cost Subanalysis Scope in the left side of the Cube Editor within the appropriate folder of the tree pane, as depicted in Illustration 10).

Illustration 10: The New Calculated Cell Appears in the Tree

Setting Properties for the Calculated Cell

We now need to set the display properties for the calculated cell. We do this in a manner very similar to that in which we set properties for calculated members.

27.  Click once to select the Warehouse Costs to Subanalyze calculated cell.

28.  Expand the Properties pane in the lower tree pane.

29.  Click the Advanced tab.

The Properties pane--Advanced tab appears, as shown in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: The Properties Pane - Advanced Tab

The ForeColor and BackColor cell properties are used to store color information for the text and the background of a cell, respectively. The color and hue are defined in these properties boxes using an RGB value (the Microsoft Windows operating system red-green-blue format).

Any color in the spectrum exists at some intersection point of the basic colors (or as a "pure" color). A few common examples of intersect values are depicted in Illustration 12.

Illustration 12: Color Definitions from the Perspective of RGB

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