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Posted Jan 20, 2004

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Reporting Options for Analysis Services Cubes: ProClarity Professional, Part I - Page 2

By William Pearson

Using ProClarity with an MSAS Cube

We will assume a basic understanding of ProClarity throughout the article, as well as a proper "default" installation of the software in general, as we noted in the introduction above. The article assumes you have access to the MSSQL Server / the MSAS sample cubes, be it via Windows Authentication Mode or Mixed Mode (for purposes of this article, I'm using Windows Authentication). Keep in mind that the multiple potential security configurations in our individual environments may result in some differences in the steps as we proceed.

Initialize ProClarity and Establish Connectivity

The following steps allow us to establish connectivity to the Budget sample cube in the relatively simple scenario we have established for this lesson.

1.  Click the Start button.

2.  Select Programs --> ProClarity.

3.  Select Professional from the Submenu that appears, as shown in Illustration 1.

Illustration 1: Select ProClarity --> Professional

The Welcome dialog appears.

4.  Select the Cube for browsing radio button, as shown in Illustration 2.

Illustration 2: The Welcome Dialog

5.  Click OK.

The Connect ... dialog appears.

6.  Select the appropriate server in the Server selector box.

Use the Find Server search button, if necessary. In a single server configuration, the correct server will likely be the default. Mine is MOTHER1, as shown in Illustration 3.

Illustration 3: Select the Server that Houses the Sample Cubes

We also have the option of selecting a local cube as the data source within this dialog. The Advanced tab extends the dialog to allow for input of a Username and Password, should security requirements dictate the use of authentication of this sort.

7.  Click OK.

The Open Cube dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: The Open Cube Dialog

The Open Cube dialog lists the MSAS cubes existing on the server. The Connect ... button that appears on the dialog affords us another chance to change servers, as required, to connect to the appropriate cube to meet our needs. We note, in the lower left corner of the dialog, that connection is maintained via Microsoft OLE DB Provider for OLAP Services 8.0.

8.  Select the Budget cube by highlighting it.

I chose the Budget for Part I of our lesson because it has a very straightforward design and a single measure. This means minimal distraction with the structure of the cube, to allow us to focus on ProClarity and its functionality in our first exercises.

9.  Click OK.

We have the option of selecting the desired visualization with which we browse our cube in the next dialog that appears, as shown in Illustration 5.

Illustration 5: Select How You Want to Visualize Your Information Dialog

We will proceed from this point in the following section.

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