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Posted Feb 17, 2004

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Reporting Options for Analysis Services Cubes: ProClarity Part II - Page 2

By William Pearson

Analyzing MSAS Cubes:  Additional ProClarity Features

As we stated in Part I, ProClarity Professional forms part of a toolset that enables analysts and other power users to create, manage and publish:

  • Reports
  • KPIs
  • Queries
  • Datasets
  • Logic

The destination options that are available are numerous, as the ProClarity Analytics Suite anticipates many of the requirements that appear in today's enterprise business intelligence implementations. As we have already noted, ProClarity includes ad-hoc analytic capabilities, robust query and calculation options and powerful visualization functionality that affords flexible navigation to the business user. In addition to its capacity for insulating the practitioner from much of the complication that underlies the analysis process, ProClarity provides another powerful incentive to potential customers - it promises substantial savings over the cost of one the large, proprietary solutions that have dominated the business intelligence market sector for years.  ProClarity's architecture  allows us to build robust, powerful OLAP reports and business intelligence applications based directly on the MSAS cubes, and allows the flexibility to select relational and other components singly and independently.  This affords an organization the opportunity to assemble a custom solution tailored ideally to its own industry and reporting environment, using a "best of class" selection approach for the applications it needs.

A Return to Our Review of the Basics

Let's open the Briefing Book where we left off in Part I, and return to the view with which we closed the article.

1.  Click the Start button.

2.  Select Programs --> ProClarity.

3.  Select Professional from the Submenu that appears.

The Welcome dialog appears.

4.  Select the Local Briefing Book radio button.

5.  Click OK.

The Open Briefing Book ... dialog appears.

6.  Navigate to, and select, the Briefing Book file in which we saved our work at the conclusion of Part I, (I named mine ANSYS19-01.bbk), as depicted in Illustration 1.

Illustration 1:  Select the Briefing Book Saved in Part I

7.  Click Open.

The Briefing Book opens, displaying the page we saved in Part I.

8.  Select View --> Business Charts --> Bar Chart from the main menu.

The bar chart appears, with the title bar indicating that we are viewing Amount for Information Systems, 1997 (Store City).

9.  Select View --> Grid --> Bottom from the main menu.

10.  The combined view, with the bar chart atop the grid, appears as shown in Illustration 2.

Illustration 2:  View Combining Bar Chart and Grid

Notice the tabs in the pane to the left of the combined view (ensure that the Dimension button in the toolbar is depressed).  In this pane, we can select any given tab, titled with the dimension or measure that it represents, to perform various operations on them.  Much can be accomplished among these objects with the menus available in context menus that appear with a right click on the respective object.

We also see the physical assignment in the view of the dimensions and measures, with regard to Rows, Columns and Background.

11.  Click the Measures tab to bring its contents forward.

12.  Right-click the solitary measure, Amount.

The context menu that appears, displayed in Illustration 3, is fairly typical.

Illustration 3:  Context Menu for Measure / Dimension Object

13.  Click New Measure on the context menu.

The New Measure Wizard - Step 1 of 2 dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4:  The New Measure Wizard - Step 1 of 2 Dialog

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