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Posted Feb 17, 2004

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Reporting Options for Analysis Services Cubes: ProClarity Part II - Page 6

By William Pearson

Advanced Visualization: Perspective Analysis

Resembling a scatter chart, but designed to provide more detailed and richer information, a Perspective view in ProClarity allows us to perform analysis centered on the relationship between two measures, across a set of dimensional members.  Perspective views can provide useful insight into data we are exploring, in scenarios where we are analyzing large volumes of data, undertaking quadrant analysis, or anytime we wish to map multiple measures across a dimension.

As we have already saved our work in the previous section, we can "refresh" the view quickly to "start with a new slate," in examining a Perspective visualization in ProClarity.

1.  Click the Reset button (shown in Illustration 18) on the main toolbar, just below the main menu.

Click for larger image

Illustration 18:  The Reset Button on the Main Toolbar

We receive a message box, confirming our wish to reset both view options and dimensions, as shown in Illustration 19.

Click for larger image

Illustration 19:  The Confirm Message Box

2.  Click Yes to continue.

The view resets to a single bar, a graphical representation of the top (or All) rollup amount, whose nature is similar to that of the value that initially greeted us in Part I (with, of course, that view being in the context of the Decomposition Wizard), when we first established connectivity to the Budget cube.

3.  Select View --> Advanced Analysis Tools --> Perspective from the main menu, as depicted in Illustration 20.

Illustration 20:  Select View --> Advanced Analysis Tools --> Perspective

4.  The Welcome dialog for the Perspective Wizard appears, as shown in Illustration 21.

Illustration 21:  The Welcome Dialog - Perspective Wizard

5.  Click Next.

The Perspective Wizard - Step 1 of 2 dialog appears, as depicted in Illustration 22.

Illustration 22:  The Perspective Wizard - Step 1 of 2 Dialog

It is here that we select the dimensions that we wish to analyze within the context of the current Perspective.

6.  Click the Warehouse dimension to highlight it.

7.  Click the Change Selection ... button on the Step 1 of 2 dialog.

The Change Selections dialog appears.

8.  Expand the All Warehouses level by clicking the "+" sign to its immediate left.

9.  Expand the USA level by clicking the "+" sign to its immediate left.

10.  Click+Shift to select the three states located under the expanded USA simultaneously.

The Change Selections dialog now appears as shown in Illustration 23.

Illustration 23:  The Change Selections Dialog

11.  Click OK to accept changes.

We are returned to the Perspective Wizard - Step 1 of 2 dialog, where we see confirmation of the Warehouse states' selection.

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