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Posted Mar 29, 2004

MSSQL Server Reporting Services: The Authoring Phase: Overview Part II - Page 8

By William Pearson

Property settings are the same as for the previous textbox. Let's make them slightly different for the Report Total, so as to make its identity readily apparent to the information consumer.

22.  Select the Properties dialog for the Line Total total in the Report Footer (a standard feature of the default table layout), the cell below the Line Total -Category Subtotal cell we formatted above.

23.  Select the Standard radio button, as appropriate, on the right side of the dialog.

24.  Select Currency in the left list box underneath the radio button.

25.  Select the following (default) from the number format options that appear in the right list box:


The Textbox Properties dialog appears as depicted in Illustration 33.

Illustration 33: The Textbox Properties Dialog for Line Total - Report Footer

26.  Click the Advanced button at bottom left in the dialog.

The Advanced Textbox Properties dialog appears, defaulted at the General tab.

27.  Click the Font tab.

28.  In the Weight selector, select Bold.

29.  In the Decorations selector, select Underline.

The Advanced Textbox Properties dialog appears as depicted in Illustration 34.

Illustration 34: The Advanced Textbox Properties Dialog for Line Total - SubCategory Footer

30.  Click OK to close the Properties dialogs.

Now let's take a look at an alternative means of working with properties, as we handle the formats for our column headings.

31.  Click the row handle (the blue / gray area to the left) for the top row in the table layout.

The Properties Window for the row should appear in the bottom right corner of the development environment. If it does not, click the Properties Window icon (see Illustration 35) in the top toolbar to cause it to appear.

Illustration 35: The Properties Window Icon

32.  Expand the Font item, located in the top Appearance section of the Properties Window, by clicking the "+" sign to the left of the Font label.

Font expands to reveal the settings of the components that make up its settings summary line.

33.  Click the selector to the right of the FontWeight property to enable it.

34.  Select Bold.

35.  Click the selector to the right of the TextAlign property to enable it.

36.  Select Center to center the Category heading.

37.  Click the selector to the right of the TextDecoration property to enable it.

38.  Select Underline to underline the column headings.

The Appearance section of the Properties Window appears as shown in Illustration 36.

Illustration 36: The Appearances Section of the Properties Window - Our Settings Circled

The Properties Window provides an excellent option for handling the formatting and other properties of rows, columns and the overall report.

39.  Click the third cell from the top in the Product column, where we have placed the concatenated "label" we created earlier for the "breaks" between the various SubCategories in the report.

40.  Drag the label to the left, and drop it in the first cell of the same row (actually the Subcategories group header).

41.  Right-click the cell.

42.  Select Properties from the context menu that appears.

43.  Click the Advanced button on the Textbook Properties dialog that appears.

44.  Click the Font tab on the Advanced Textbook Properties dialog that appears.

45.  Set Size at 11 pt.

46.  Set Style at Italic.

47.  Set Weight at Bold.

The Advanced Textbook Properties dialog appears as depicted in Illustration 37.

Illustration 37: The Advanced Textbook Properties Dialog for the SubCategory Label

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