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Posted Apr 19, 2004

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Actions in Virtual Cubes - Page 3

By William Pearson

8.  Right-click on the Cubes folder.

9.  Select Paste from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 4.

Click for larger image

Illustration 4: Select Paste from the Context Menu

The Duplicate Name dialog appears.

We cannot have two cubes of the same name in a given MSAS database.

10.  Type the following into the Name box of the Duplicate Name dialog:

Virtual Cube w Actions

The Duplicate Name dialog appears, with our modification, as depicted in Illustration 5.

Click for larger image

Illustration 5: The Duplicate Name Dialog, with New Name

TIP: As I have mentioned elsewhere in the series, this is also an excellent way of renaming a cube (a "rename" capability is not available here, as it is in many Windows applications). Simply create a duplicate, give it the name to which you wish to rename the old cube, and then delete the old cube. (This also works for MSAS databases.)

11.  Click OK to save the name change.

The new cube appears in the cube tree, among those already in place. We now have a copy of the Warehouse and Sales cube, Virtual Cube w Actions, with which we will proceed through the steps of our lesson. There is, however, another series of steps we need to perform to prepare the new cube for the steps ahead.

When we made a copy of the Warehouse and Sales cube, we copied the structure exactly as it existed for the original sample. One component critical to our ability to browse the cube, as well as to perform some edit actions however, could not be a part of our cloning process - the Query log entries that relate to our use of the Warehouse and Sales cube cannot accompany our new cube, because they are identified in the Query log database (see Simple Cube Usage Analysis for details regarding the log) as belonging to the cube that generated them.

We will process the cube, although we might have avoided doing so, if simply to obtain full browse and edit capabilities to make our work with the clone more instructive. To do this, we need first to process the cube, as the copy we have created also brought no history of processing along - for the same reasons it is "log-less."

12.  Right-click Virtual Cube w Actions.

13.  Select Edit from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 6.

Illustration 6: Select Edit from the Context Menu

The Virtual Cube Editor opens, where we are greeted with a right-hand pane that is blank, save for a warning message (instead of the typically Data tab) as shown in Illustration 7.

Illustration 7: Virtual Cube Editor, for Pre-Processed Cube, Showing Warning Message

14.  Select Tools --> Process Virtual Cube from the main menu, atop the Cube Editor.

Processing begins, and runs rapidly, as evidenced by the Process viewer's presentation of processing log events in real time. The Processing cycle ends and the success of the evolution is indicated by the appearance of the Processing Completed Successfully message (in green letters) at the bottom of the viewer, as shown in Illustration 8.

Illustration 8: Indication of Successful Processing of the Virtual Cube

15.  Click Close to close the Processing viewer.

We are returned to the Virtual Cube Editor, where data is immediately retrieved, and appears on the Data tab.

16.  Select File --> Exit to close the Virtual Cube Editor.

We return to Analysis Manager, where we will await our next activities.

Let's do a quick review of virtual cubes, and then put an illustrative Action to work.

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