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Posted Apr 19, 2004

Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Actions in Virtual Cubes - Page 5

By William Pearson

Create a New Action in the Virtual Cube

We will begin with the creation of a simple Action within our virtual cube, and then take a look at an alternative means for placing an Action there. We will briefly review assorted facts about Actions as we proceed; to obtain an in-depth introduction, see our previous article, Putting Actions to Work in Regular Cubes.

Beginning in Analysis Manager, where we left off after creating our clone virtual cube in the section above, take the following steps:

1.  Right-click the new Virtual Cube w Actions.

2.  Click Edit from the context menu that appears.

The Virtual Cube Editor launches.

3.  Right-click the Actions folder in the tree pane to the left. (I like to close the Dimensions and Measures folders first, to give myself more space).

Note that two options exist here, versus the single-lined context menu that appeared in the Cube Editor in the subsequent article. The difference is that we can import, as well as create, an Action in a virtual cube.

4.  Select New Action from the context menu, as depicted in Illustration 9.

Illustration 9: Select New Action (Circled)

The first dialog of the Action Wizard appears, as shown in Illustration 10.

Illustration 10: Action Wizard Welcome Dialog

5.  Click Next to continue.

The Select target dialog of the Action Wizard next appears. Here we specify the positioning point of the Action within the user's view of the cube - the point in the cube's structure upon which a right-click by the consumer will present the option to initialize this Action. (Other Actions for the same target point will also appear on the context menu that appears with the right-click).

In the present example, we want to create an Action that allows an information consumer to access general information about a given Store. To this end, we make the following settings in the Select target dialog.

6.  Select A level in this cube in the Target Selector box.

7.  Select Customers in the Dimension box.

8.  Select Name in the Levels box

9.  Ensure that the Members of the selected level radio button, underneath Define the target as: on the Select Target dialog, is darkened.

The Select target dialog of the Action Wizard, with our settings, should appear as shown in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: The Completed Select Target Dialog

10.  Click Next to move to the Select the action type dialog.

11.  Select HTML in the Type box.

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