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Posted May 27, 2004

MSSQL Server Reporting Services: Managing Reporting Services: Report Execution and Standard Subscriptions - Page 4

By William Pearson

Preparing Security for Our Exercises

We will make adjustments to ensure that the credentials requirement above presents no issue within our immediate exercise, assuming "out of the box" Reporting Services / sample reports setup. First, let's modify security to enable all capabilities from the outset, establishing ourselves as complete "power users" for this and subsequent lessons, rather than addressing all possible settings involved in each of the many exercises ahead.

NOTE: In establishing all rights and privileges to the BUILTIN\Administrators group in my example, I am assuming that you are 1) in a development or other non-production environment, 2) that you have authority to set security this way in your environment for purposes of our exercises, and 3) that you have all necessary accesses / capabilities to make and apply the modifications that we undertake. If your environment or other situational factors vary from these assumptions, and for specific roles for which you may need to perform modifications (perhaps other than BUILTIN\Administrators), please review the Books Online for guidance in the setup of security in a manner that will comply with your local requirements, while allowing you the privileges and accesses you need to effectively complete the steps we will undertake.

1.  Click the Home link atop the FoodMart Sales Report view.

The Home page appears, defaulted to the Contents tab.

2.  Click the Properties tab.

The Properties page appears.

3.  Click the Edit link to the left of the BUILTIN\Administrators line item, shown circled in red in Illustration 9.

Illustration 9: Editing the BUILTIN\Administrators Role Assignments ...

The Edit Role Assignment page appears.

4.  Click the link for the Browser role, shown circled in Illustration 10.

Illustration 10: Editing the Browser Role ...

The Edit Role page appears.

5.  Click the checkbox to the left of the Task heading, atop the page.

All checkboxes become checked for the Browser role, as shown in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: Selecting All Checkboxes for the Role

6.  Click OK to accept all settings and return to the Edit Role Assignment page.

7.  Perform steps 4 through 6 for each of the following roles:

  • Content Manager
  • My Reports
  • Publisher

8.  Select the check box for each role on the Edit Role Assignment page by clicking the checkbox to the left of the Role heading, atop the page.

We have, in effect, given each role all its possible privileges, and are now assigning all roles to our security group. The intent here, again, is not simply to prepare for the steps ahead in this article, but to eliminate time-consuming adjustments for articles that will follow this one in the Reporting Services series.

The Edit Role Assignment page, all roles selected, appears as depicted in Illustration 12.

Illustration 12: Selecting All Roles for Our Group

9.  Click the Apply button to apply changes and to close the Edit Role Assignment page.

We are returned to the Home page - Properties tab.

10.  Click the Contents tab.

11.  Click the link for the FoodMart Sales report, once again.

12.  Select the Non-Consumable Product Family in the parameter selector dropdown list, once more.

13.  Click the View Report button to refresh the report again.

We are now ready to undertake the creation of a standard subscription.

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