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Posted Jul 2, 2004

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine MSDE - Page 2

By Don Schlichting


Once the installation is complete, the SQL Server Service Manager will appear in the task bar showing the green SQL Server running symbol. However, that will be the only familiar SQL GUI. There will not be any applications or shortcuts on the menu to help manage MSDE. This seems to be why many of the questions on the MSDE newsgroup appear. Now that the Desktop Engine is installed, how do I use it? A common way to manage MSDE is from a remote machine running the full SQL Server product. In this example, we will assume a desktop with a full SQL Sever install wants to manage the Desktop Engine on some remote server machine. The first step in remote management is to ensure that TCP/IP is running the MSDE server. Navigate to the "Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn" directory. From there, execute SVRNETCN.EXE. This will bring up the SQL Server Network Utility. Add TCP/IP to the enabled protocols.

Return to the desktop machine and launch SQL Server Enterprise Manager. We are going to add the MSDE server into the Enterprise Manager, just like any other SQL Server edition. Right click the "SQL Server Group," and select "New SQL Server Registration," then click Next. Enter in your instance name, in my case, the MSDE instance is called "test."

On the next screen, select your Authorization method, and next. Select a Group then finish. There should be a success message:

From here, expand the Group, and your MSDE server will appear. It now can be managed remotely like any other SQL Server version. Query analyzer will also function.

Local Management

There are many third party tools for local management of MSDE. Microsoft also offers a free web based admin tool "SQL Server Web Data Administrator" at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=C039A798-C57A-419E-ACBC-2A332CB7F959&displaylang=en .


The Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine can be an effective, low cost replacement for Access based low volume applications. Remember, it's SQL Server, so either the user will have to install MSDE, or an install script will be needed. MSDE is not a flat file that can be shipped with your application like Access can. In spite of the added installation requirements, MSDE offers true transactions, with the same TSQL language used on every other SQL Server variation.

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