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Posted Mar 21, 2005

MSSQL Server Reporting Services: Black Belt Administration: "Governor" Capabilities: Report Execution Timeout - Page 8

By William Pearson


Setting the Global Report Execution Timeout

As we have discussed, we can limit the amount of time for processing a report within Report Manager: Report Execution Timeout value can be set "globally" in Report Manager, where it serves as the default Report Execution Timeout for all reports. Even though such a default is set, we can override it, and provide custom Report Execution Timeout values, for individual reports, as we shall see later in our practice session. First, let's take a look at setting the Report Execution Timeout for the entire report population from Report Manager.

We will begin by accessing Report Manager.

1.  Click Start.

2.  Navigate to the Reporting Services program group that installs within a typical setup. The equivalent on my PC appears as shown in Illustration 19.

Click for larger image

Illustration 19: Navigate to Report Manager ...

3.  Click Report Manager to initialize the application.

NOTE: If Report Manager does not appear in the manner shown, whether because you declined setup of the program group, a disablement of the feature, or other, unknown reason, simply get there by typing the appropriate URL into the address bar of your web browser. The default URL is as follows:


As an example, my <webservername> would be MOTHER1, the name of my server, and would appear, in this approach, in my browser Address line as depicted in Illustration 2.

Illustration 20: Navigate to Report Manager ...

We arrive at the Home page of the Report Manager, Folder View, Content tab, where we see the new RS015 folder appear (circled below), as shown in Illustration 21.

Illustration 21: Report Manager Folder View

4.  Click Site Settings, in the upper right corner of the browser (known as the Global Toolbar), as depicted in Illustration 22.

Illustration 22: Click Site Settings ...

We arrive at the Site Settings page. As many of us are aware, this is where we enable various features and set default values for a Report Server Web site. Site Settings can only be accessed by those with report server administrator privileges.

While we will return to the Site Settings page in prospective articles, we will focus at this point on the Report Execution Timeout setting that appears within the associated section, about halfway down the page. The Report Execution Timeout settings are composed of two checkboxes, one with a value box, which appear under the heading Report Execution Timeout.

Reporting Services installs with a default setting of "enabled" limited execution, with a default value of 1800 seconds / 30 minutes. Recall that the DBA for whom we are performing our services would like to impose an execution limit of 15 minutes on the general report population. Let's make a change to the Report Execution Timeout value on the Site Settings page to meet the requirement.

1.  Ensure that the checkbox to the left of Limit report execution to the following number of seconds: is selected.

2.  Replace the value in the box to the right with the following number:


The affected line in the Report Execution Timeout section of the Site Settings page appears as shown in Illustration 23.

Illustration 23: Report Execution Timeout Section of Site Settings with Modifications

3.  Click Apply to apply the modifications.

4.  Return to the Home page of Report Manager (click Home to the left of Site Settings, in the Global Toolbar, from whence we jumped to the Site Settings page earlier).

In setting the Report Execution Timeout at 900 seconds, we have enacted a cancellation of report processing for any report for which the preparation of the Intermediate Format (discussed in the Objective and Business Scenario section above) exceeds 15 minutes. Upon cancellation, the individual attempting to execute the report will receive a message that informs him / her of the fact that processing has been cancelled due to timeout.

As we can see, setting the "global" Report Execution Timeout itself is quite simple. There is, however, a further consideration in rendering our setting effective. We will look at that consideration in the next section.

5.  Leave Report Manager open at the Home page. We will return to it in a subsequent section.

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